Samsung Odin Flash - Android Custom Rom Flashing

Download Odin Flash 3.12.7

Odin flash, the perfect android flashing tool is much popular among Android users. Download Odin 3.12.7 provides access to ROM flash facility with installing custom ROM and kernel files to Samsung android device. Samsung Odin facilitates installing custom ROM to your Android smartphone and tablet through official OTA firmware and other files.

Samsung Odin ROM flash

odin flash

SamsungOdin is the ideal solution for flash custom ROMS, the only option to access rooting. Unless you have access to install custom ROMS, the new official firmware doesn’t allow rooting an android device. Download Odin 3.12.7 is compatible with Samsung Galaxy Note, Galaxy S4, Samsung tablets and much more Samsung products. Samsung-Odin is running on Windows based OS.

Odin Download - System Requirements

  • Get the latest Samsung Odin 3.12.7
  • OS must be Windows based.
  • Latest Samsung USB driver installation to the PC.
  • Downloaded ADB and FASTBOOT tools.
  • PIT and TAR custom-ROM files.
  • A USB data cable to smartphone with the PC.

Samsung Odin Flash User Attention

  • It is essential to back up the data of your Android smart-phone or tablet before the flashing begins.
  • Download and install the most suitable tool version for your device.
  • Download the latest USB drivers.
  • OdinFlash supports only “PIT” and “.md5” extension android ROM files and doesn’t support zip extension.

Odin Custom ROM Flashing Step by Step Tutorial

  • Odin 3.12.7 to the smartphone.
  • Establish the connection between the smartphone and the PC with the USB cable.
  • Turn android device OFF for 30 seconds and then switch it ON.
  • Run Samsung Odin android ROM flash software.
  • “Click "Auto Root" button and “PIT”.
  • Select downloaded custom kernel file and “Start” to begin SamsungOdin ROM flashing.
  • Flashing Android_ROM begins in a few seconds and the device may reboot several times while flashing.

Video Tutorial on How to Flash Custom ROM with Samsung Odin

Follow our tutorial for step-by-step guide to download Odin and ROM flashing. Odin flash offers the best flashing methods for Samsung device. You can flash stock ROMs to any supported Customs roms.

Odin Download FAQ

  • Q: Can I download Odinflash for free?
  • A: Of course you can. Samsung Odin ROM flash is a freeware working on Windows OS.
  • Q: Does “.zip” extension support flashing custom ROM?
  • A: No. Only [.tar] and [.md5] extensions support.
  • Q: What does mean by “PIT”?
  • A: “PIT” is an option to download files on Android Odin.

Android Odin ROM Flashing Troubleshooting

  • If your Smartphone gets stuck when the flashing is processing at Galaxy S logo screen, then turn on DL mode of your smartphone and run Odin Flash again.
  • If “Fails” and “Odin is nonfunctional” error messages pop-ups, then unplug smartphone and replug. Turn DL mode and unplug again and re-plug. After that Flash tool will recognize your Android device and click “Start” button. Don’t change any of the settings.
  • Odin-download ROM flashing process may be stuck on the flashing process, then change the version and don’t check "Re-Partition" and if you checked you have to begin the flashing procedure again.

Samsung Don Custom ROM Flash Credits

Download Odin Flash, ROM flashing and installation credits go to and XDA forum.